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Family Urgent

Response System (FURS)

Are you a current or former foster youth? Having problems at home? Frustrated? Need someone to talk to? The 24/7 FURS hotline is here to help.
CALL OR TEXT: 1-833-939-3877

FURS is a coordinated statewide, regional, and county-level system designed to provide collaborative and timely state-level phone-based response and county-level in-home, in-person mobile response during situations of instability, to preserve the relationship of the caregiver and the child or youth.

You will be connected to a trained counselor or peer who will listen to you. 

FURS is a safe, judgement-free, and private space to talk about your worries and vent. 

If you want more support, a team can come directly to where you are to help you work on the problem and to create a plan to help stabilize your situation and keep you safe. 

The team will follow-up by helping connect you and your caregiver to local services and support.

Family Urgent Response System: Service
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