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Father and Son

Father2Child East

Program Manager:  James Boyer
(619) 608-5950
8580 La Mesa Blvd. Ste. 102 B La Mesa, 91942

Embarking on a journey of empowerment and family enrichment, Mental Health America of San Diego proudly presents a transformative 12-week parenting program tailored for African American fathers. This innovative initiative seeks to redefine fatherhood by empowering dads to play positive and influential roles in the lives of their children.
Within the welcoming embrace of this program, participants will find themselves immersed in a nurturing environment that prioritizes support, guidance, and mutual understanding. Through a carefully curated curriculum spanning 12 weeks, fathers will embark on a profound exploration of their roles and responsibilities, gaining invaluable insights into child development, effective communication strategies, and techniques for fostering strong parent-child bonds.
More than just a series of educational sessions, this program serves as a beacon of community and camaraderie, offering fathers the opportunity to connect with like-minded peers who share similar experiences and aspirations. Through shared stories, collaborative activities, and group discussions, participants will forge meaningful connections, find inspiration, and build lasting relationships that extend far beyond the program's duration.
Partnering with Mental Health America of San Diego ensures that this program places a strong emphasis on the intersectionality of mental health and parenting. Participants will not only learn how to nurture their children's well-being but also prioritize their own mental and emotional wellness, fostering a holistic approach to family life.

Father2Child East: About Us
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