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Wellness Team Program

Program Manager: Federico Carreon Vivar

(619) 253-8121

The program offered by Mental Health America of San Diego is meticulously tailored to provide comprehensive support to young individuals within detention facilities or transitioning centers. 

The primary objective is to assist these youths in navigating their transition back into the community with resilience and confidence. Mental Health America of San Diego's providers work closely with them, offering guidance and support as they rebuild relationships, explore employment opportunities, re-engage with education, and secure stable housing arrangements.

By addressing the multifaceted challenges they may face during this critical period, Mental Health America of San Diego's program endeavors to set these youths on a path toward long-term success and fulfillment. Through investment in their well-being and the provision of essential tools and resources, Mental Health America of San Diego aims to empower these youths to thrive in their communities and lead fulfilling lives beyond.

detention or transitional centers.

Wellness Team: About Us
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