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Wellness Equity

(formerly Champions for Change)

Mental Health America is embarking on a new venture focused on improving health access and education through Community-Directed Enrichment Projects (C-DEPs).  This unique program is invested in getting answers from the community and supporting the community in implementing these health projects. 

Wellness Equity is dedicated to developing a process that intentionally seeks out and centers the voice of the community in its work. This work will be the catalyst for change and will actively engage community members as the change agents. MHASD program staff and the Advisory Committee will be tasked with creating a program design and framework for community groups to apply for funding related to priorities for the C-DEPs, which will provide funding to organizations to finance high impact, equitable, and sustainable projects that address health disparities, prevent transmission of COVID-19, and promote economic and social recovery from the COVID-19 Pandemic. The projects will also support one's well-being and mental health as well as  overall community wellness.

This process will identify and select key community leaders to serve on the advisory board to:

  1. Be a voice for their community and share their knowledge regarding the needs and challenges of this community, related to health and well-being.

  2. Be a part of the transformation process by connecting with community partners and recommending them to be part of the change process.

  3. Vote on the proposed community enrichment projects in each identified ethnic community.

  4. Bring ideas and information related to the needed changes in their community.

  5. Share the strengths, assets, and existing resources of their community and San Diego County.

  6. Be willing to devote 3 hours a month to an in-person meeting.

  7. Be willing to present and dialogue with other members of the Advisory Committee, and articulate critical issues shared by their community.

Program Manager: Jim Gilmer


Work: 619-520-2147

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Are you looking to make a continued difference in the lives of people in San Diego?

Download the application today to apply for a Wellness Equity Subcontract!

The WEP (Wellness Equity Program) will be providing funding and support to organizations that are working to improve the health and well-being of people in underserved communities.

If you are passionate about making a difference, we encourage you to apply!


Wellness Equity Application

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Community Directed Enrichment Projects



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