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Wellness Equity

The initial CDEP  & CFHL (Cal Fresh Healthy Living) Funding has been officially closed.

The Wellness Equity Program is a dynamic initiative dedicated to fostering community resilience and empowerment in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through this program we are proud to have funded 51 impactful community enrichment projects across San Diego County. Our mission is rooted in honoring and uplifting the diverse voices of our community, recognizing them as vital partners in driving positive change. Through these projects we aim to promote social, emotional, and economic recovery by investing in the health and wellness of rural, ethnic, and LGBTQ+ communities in all regions of San Diego County.

Our Program:

Of the 51 organizations we funded, 47 are a part of our Community Directed Enrichment Projects (CDEP), 4 are a part of our Cal Fresh Healthy Living Initiative. The Wellness Equity Program projects are written and implemented by members of their community and are focused on improving health and wellness within their respective communities. These organizations are dedicated to enhancing food accessibility, fostering queer empowerment, promoting mental health, advancing economic justice, and empowering youth within their respective communities.

Under our CalFresh Healthy Living Initiative, we will be proudly supporting 4 programs that plan to make remarkable strides in implementing healthy living projects throughout San Diego County. These initiatives are dedicated to enhancing physical activity and nutrition environments specifically tailored for San Diego residents eligible for SNAP-Ed.

Program Manager: Bryce Banks


Work: 619-727-1888

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